Commissions Accepted

Commissions Accepted
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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Determining Values with under painting

 I paint with acrylic paint.  And the subject of under painting?
All my painting start with an under painting.  
I don't do it in the traditional way though.  Well I may not eve know for sure
what the traditional way is because I am not a trained painter.
I under paint all my painting in thin layers of colors
that I will be used in the same colors that will  complete the painting.
Not being an educated painter I'm guessing when I say that
under painting is used to determine if you have you paint value correct.
I never seemed to need to know if it was correct or not because
The Values in my paintings always seem to appear correctly for me anyway.
So hear you go.

"Leah's Daughter"

Just the beginning and will post as I do more. 



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